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Click star to view free Teacher's Notes for  Auslan book

Pippa's Pets - Pearson Publishing

A picture book series for young readers about animal loving Pippa and the pets she rescues.


My Cat series - Pearson Publishing

A fun picture book series for young readers about cats and their habits.


Non - fiction picture books - Pearson Publishing

Make a Finger Puppet, I LIke to Play, Butterflies and Who Am I? - Fun colourful non-fiction picture books to develop reading skills and general knowledge.

Picture Book - EK Books - Reena's Rainbow

Reena is deaf and dog is homeless, but together they find a way to belong in the world of the hearing children and bring their new friends into their world.

Reena's Rainbow - AUSLAN BOOK

Thanks to the John Pierce Centre and RAV and MRSC funding, Reena's Rainbow is now available as an Auslan Book. View for FREE by clicking on the cover below:

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Tom's Dare and Harry's Goldfield Adventures - Pearson Publishing

Historical fact is woven into fictional accounts of what life was like for children on the Australian goldfields in the 1800s.


Hope for Hanna - Pearson Publishing

Life is hard for Hanna growing up in Uganda where her mother is sick, food is scarce and the rebel army is stealing children from her village. Will she be able to stay safe, go to school and follow her dream to become a doctor?


Ed's Extreme Adventures - Pearson Publishing

Plenty of action and real life adventures in these non-fiction books narrated by Extreme Ed.


A Duel of Words - Pearson Publishing

Follows the debate between Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson in 1892 as they sought to define an Australian identity.

Beyond Belief - Heroes of the Holocaust
- Scholastic Australia

Inspired by the true story of Muslims at a Paris mosque who saved Jewish children during WW2.


Eddy Popcorn's Guide to Parent Training

(Book 1 in the Eddy Popcorn series)

The school holidays have started and EDDY POPCORN is about to turn twelve. Then disaster strikes — Eddy is GROUNDED for not doing his homework. Parents suck!


Faced with not seeing the beach, or his mates, for
the WHOLE holidays, Eddy puts all of his FRUSTRATION into a helpful book for kids: EDDY POPCORN’S GUIDE TO PARENT TRAINING!

Emma Johnston Marine Biologist and TV presenter.

Discover and be inspired by the amazing work of world renowned marine biologist and TV presenter, Emma Johnston.

A new book in the Wild Dingo Aussie STEM Stars series.

Eddy Popcorn's Guide to Teacher Taming

(Book 2 in the Eddy Popcorn series)

Parents at Eddy's school have found out about his Parent Training Guide and they're not happy. To avoid being expelled from the school, Eddy's teacher suggests that he can redeem himself by  competing in the inter-school public speaking competition and winning. The only problem is that he has a phobia about talking


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Letters to Leonardo - Walker Books

On his fifteenth birthday, Matt Hudson gets a letter from the mother he thought was dead. How can someone who died ten years ago send you a card?


To cope with the turmoil in his head and because he feels he can't trust anyone living, Matt writes letters to his dead idol, Leonardo da Vinci.


In his search for the truth, Matt finds out that sometimes the truth can be worse than not knowing.


Letters to Leonardo covers themes of mental health, family, friendship and deception.

Letters to Leonardo was first published by Walker Books in 2009 and was republished by US company, Mazo Publishing in 2019.



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